Dark Apartment

Pasir Ris Condo

The space is a tasteful combination of white and dark oak elements, skillfully employed to create a specific ambiance and texture.

The use of dark oak accents throughout the room adds a sense of warmth, richness, and natural beauty to the space. The dark dining table becomes a focal point, exuding elegance and inviting family and friends to gather around for meals and conversations. The contrasting textures and tones generate visual interest, while the open layout enhances the spaciousness and welcoming vibe of the living room.

The dark oak is used in key areas, incorporating dark oak elements to create a cohesive and stylish aesthetic. To balance the darker elements, the living room incorporates lighter elements such as black and white tiles. This choice helps to create a bright and clean ambiance, while allowing the dark oak to stand out and make a statement, creates a luxurious and cohesive atmosphere.

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