Scandinavian Vibes


Simplicity, minimalistic and functional.

One of the most popular interior design trends these days is non-other than the Scandinavian design. Inspired from the Nordic countries, more and more couples are opting to spruce up their homes with that clean, minimalistic and stylish design.

Some of the key features of creating a Scandinavian design is to look for furniture with light, muted colours to keep the spaces bright. Should you prefer to have some colours, opt for colours that are soft and light to retain that mild and cohesive look. In addition, go for furniture that are made of wood to help create that nature and cosy vibe. Besides its strength and durability, wood furniture is said to have therapeutic benefits – reduces stress and anxiety as a result of the nature warmth.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our collection of Scandinavian furniture below to create that stylish look to your homes!

Marco Sofa

Always wanted to have a Scandinavian vibe in your living space? Our cosy Marco Sofa will help spruce up your space into a stylish and minimalistic one. More reasons to stay home on a Friday night! Comes in 2 different sizes: 3-seater Sofa and 1-seater Sofa.

Cadenza Sofa

Fitted with comfortable cushions made of high density foam, the Cadenza sofa can also be used as a storage device, making it a stylish and multi-purpose addition to your living space. Comes in 2 sizes: 3-Piece Sofa and 2-Piece Sofa.

Fran Magnetic Wall TV Console

Fran Magnetic Wall TV Console is a perfect addition to your living room. Equipped with shelves, open cabinet and bottom drawers, it can be used as a storage device and decorated with ornaments. The cabinet surface is magnetic-coated, which allows you to hang your favourite magnets and post-it notes!

Acacia Side Table

The Acacia Side Table is a classic wooden side table, that offers a clean and minimalistic addition to your living spaces.

Acacia Table

The Acacia Table is a classic wooden coffee table that will bring a warm and natural vibe to your living room. Its rounded edges makes it safer for young children and pets at home.

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