Ephemeral Apartment

-Avenue South Condo

“Harmony Hues,” an enchanting fusion of Chinese tradition and contemporary grace.

As you enter, be embraced by the serene allure of green marble walls, whispering tales of nature’s tranquility. The dining area, bathed in a soft pinkish-orange glow, invites you to a space where modernity meets the warmth of tradition. Our carefully curated dining table becomes a focal point, a symbol of shared moments and the joy of gathering. “Harmony Hues” is not just a home; it’s a canvas where the elegance of green and the vibrancy of pinkish-orange coalesce, creating an atmosphere that resonates with both cozy familiarity and a touch of the extraordinary. Welcome to a dwelling that harmonises the past and the present in a palette of captivating colours.

The bedding wall, adorned with the enduring elegance of marble, establishes a serene backdrop for restful nights. A subtle touch of Chinese tradition is introduced through the bed light, casting a gentle glow that adds depth to the entire design. Here, modern comfort embraces the timeless beauty of classical elements, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility and sophistication.

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